Are There Cruises For Single People?

Are There Cruises For Single People?

Singles cruises are proving to be very popular today.

So, are there cruises for single people? Well, the truth is, there have always been cruises for single folks in one form or another but if you are asking whether there are ships that cater just to singles, then we have to say yes. But whether an entire ship is devoted to just singles is something you will need to check with the cruise lines.

Themed cruises today are one of the fastest growing segments of the cruise industry with everything from music to motorcycle themed cruises available. For singles, there is plenty of choice especially today as cruise companies realize the importance to them of people traveling on their own.

The question of “are there cruises for singles” was explored recently in a report at and they revealed one company that offers hosted group events for singles. In fact, if you are single and don’t like the idea of traveling by yourself then this could be “just the ticket” you’re looking for., for instance, offers what spokeswoman Vickie Meeuwsen calls “a hosted group cruise experience.” That means cocktail parties, ice-cream socials and karaoke contests on board for its passengers, as well as singles-only shore excursions.

While they aren’t the only passengers aboard, “quite often we are able to reserve private rooms and areas around the ship,” Meeuwsen says. “As for dinner, we reserve a large section of the dining room for our singles and we encourage them to move tables to dine and mingle.”

There are typically up to 200 vacationers in a SinglesCruise group with most checking the 35-to-55-year-old age box. To avoid single supplement charges, the company offers a roommate-matching service (but takes no responsibility if you end up sleeping next to a snorer).

It also offers sailings among its 20 excursions a year aimed at different age groups. This spring, for example, there’s a program aboard the seven-night Carnival Liberty for twentysomethings and thirtysomethings that stops in Cozumel, Mexico, and in Belize and the Cayman Islands, as well as an over-40 sailing aboard the Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Seas with port calls in Jamaica, Mexico and Labadee, the line’s private island…..

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One of the big problems for people traveling alone on cruises has been the single supplement charges they incurred especially if booking a room to themselves. The availability of rooms for singles has been a issue in itself with cruise lines not keen to offer too many singles only cabins for economic reasons.

But it seems that this starting to turn around and singles are being catered to more and more. Ships take a lot fill and every dollar counts so one could understand in some respects the reluctance to have just one person in a room.

If you are single and want to travel and bunk on your own then check in with your local travel agent and make sure there are cabins available for the cruise you want to travel on. It will certainly pay to be put on an alert system when a cruise offering rooms for singles is available as you will want to be notified early because they can fill fast.


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